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Personal Bridge Scorer

Personal Bridge Scorer is a Palm application that allows you to keep track of your duplicate game results without having to go find a pencil!  It's also great for allowing you to leave your convention card on the table, never having to pick it up and turn it over several times a hand.

Personal Bridge Scorer is free to use.  If you find it useful, there will soon be a donate link where you can send me money (to pay for bridge entries of course!)  Either way send me suggestions -- there are lots of ways to improve this tool.


If you don't have a Palm device, you may be able to buy a cheap Palm/Handspring off of EBay.  I suggest getting a model with color (it just looks better :) and potentially a rechargeable battery.


 News:  New version coming soon that fixes a bug with the Find Game feature.  iPhone/iPod Touch version is under works!

Download now:


(Version 0.88p  Build 0655)

Released 06/17/2008